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Lighting Solutions

Eco-friendly Options

New Installations

We’ll help you create the ideal indoor/outdoor solution to achieve the perfect atmosphere for entertaining, home theatre and every day living. Whether renovating or wanting to reduce your electricity bills, we can help you implement a low power solution without compromising style or function. New houses, units and apartment blocks need innovative electricity models. Trust us to introduce you to the latest trends and solutions.
Lighting Solutions Eco-friendly Options Lighting Solutions


Safety Switches

Outdoor Lighting

Power Outlets

Appliances are always tripping, so it’s important to ensure your home or business is safe of the associated fire risks. Safety switches will shut down electrical power when they sense danger, keeping you, your family and home safe. Alfresco dining, swimming pools and decks and more elaborate gardens with fountains, water features and mood lights require the right electricity model to operate. We can help you deliver the perfect atmosphere for entertaining outdoors. Power outlets enable your appliances and lighting. These days, they can include USB ports and dimmers while switches may feature LED display to add real style to your home. We can update existing points or replace cumbersome power boards.
Safety Switches Outdoor Lighting Power Outlets



Switchboard Upgrades


Older and period style homes often reflect an outdated electrical solution that can be both inadequate and dangerous. We’ll implement appropriate upgrades to ensure safety with plenty of grunt to power your home. The switchboard is the control centre of your electricity supply with safety switches and circuit breakers enhancing safety. Greater demands require a switchboard that can distribute adequate power to all sources/appliances safely and efficiently. Trust us to introduce modern lighting and install integrated appliances to bring your kitchen to life. Give your bathrooms and laundry sleek elegance with whisper quiet exhausts and sophisticated lighting.
Rewiring Switchboard Upgrades Appliances


Time Convenient

Maintenance & Repair

We understand that sometimes business hours don’t suit everyone. We can offer you after hours and weekend appointments to fit in with your busy lifestyle. A great electricity system needs to be maintained to stay great. Periodic maintenance is essential to make sure faulty or worn components are identified and replaced before they create a problem and everything is running as it should.
Flexible Working Times Maintenance and Repair


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